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Rules & Regulation

  • Please register at the reception desk upon your arrival.
  • Please leave your room key at the reception desk when you are out of the hotel (so we can clean).
  • Cooking, washing and ironing are not allowed in the rooms.
  • Any loss or damage of the hotel property by the occupants will be assessed and charged to the occupant’s bill.
  • Management is not responsible for any money lost or theft of valuables which are not deposited in our safe deposit box.
  • Pets are strictly prohibited in the hotel.
  • Receipts should be obtained while making any cash payments at the counter.
  • If you are leaving early in the morning, we ask that you pay all your bills the night before.
  • Outside visitors are not allowed in the room, but you can talk from reception.
  • Curio dealers or money changers are not allowed in the hotel.
  • Bills are supplement to mandatory 10 % tax and 13% VAT.
  • Hotel management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.
  • Don’t forget your luggage tag when storing long term luggage with us.
  • Please refrain from smoking in the rooms (there are personal balconies as well as the rooftop available for this).
  • Please turn off all lights when you leave your room to save electricity.
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