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Around Kathmandu Valley

If you just arrived in Nepal or if you have a couple of down days before departing on your next adventure let us show you around the city of Kathmandu. Don’t try to brave the city by yourself and get lost in the maze of streets, people, vendors and markets; Let us take you on a site seeing tour of Kathmandu where you will get to experience all of the magic that this city has to offer. Tour the oldest Buddhist stupa in the world, Syambhunath (justly nicknamed the Monkey Temple); go shopping in some of the hard to find local markets; learn about the fascinating history of this city; and feel the power of local stupas being dimly lit by oil lamps as the sun sets. Let us show you the experience of real Kathmandu.

Alternatively, if you are tired of the big city life and want to escape into the mountains but do not have time for an extended trip before departing from Kathmandu; talk to us about exploring Shivapuri National Park and Nagarjun Nature Reserve. Only a short bus ride from our hotel we can take you on a day hike to the Buddhist stupa where you can look down on the entire Kathmandu valley. Or if you prefer a little more adrenaline we can take you on a mountain bike tour around the park.

And you thought you had to get out of Kathmandu to experience the true Nepal!

Check list of what to do around Kathmandu:

  • Register your passport with your countries embassy
  • Exchange money at a registered money exchanger (be sure to get a receipt)
  • Start thinking about your plans for your Nepali holiday
  • Sit back, relax, slow down, drink a cup of tea or coffee and appreciate the Nepali way of life
  • Visit and shop in the Durbar Square-admire the extensive architecture of the various temples and the designs of the carved temple struts
  • Visit the local stupas and spin the prayer wheels (walk around them and spin the wheels clockwise)
  • Take a walk up to Syambhunath and see for yourself why it is called the Monkey Temple
  • Ride in a Cycle-Rickshaw
  • Learn how to eat Dal Bhat the traditional way, with your right hand (Don’t worry you will get good by the end of your stay!)
  • Walk down Ason Tol street and shop around at the local food markets
  • Find some great deals on locally made products such as colorful clothing garments and elaborate hand carvings